FormDr Launches Client & Patient Records

We understand searching through hundreds of client forms is difficult. That’s why FormDr is proud to announce Client & Patient Records, the new standard in form management.

Client & Patient Records

Records gives you the control to manage your clients’ forms. Completed forms automatically load into the client’s record. Add notes, files, images, and keep track of the history of your clients.

  • Automatic Grouping – Each client will have an associated record. We automatically group your clients by the ‘Name’ field on your form + Email Address, Phone Number, or DOB. Quickly merge duplicate clients together with the ‘Merge’ button.
  • Notes, Files, Images – We made it easy to add unlimited notes, files, and images to your clients record.
  • History – Keep track of changes to your clients record. See when a form was sent + received, track when notes are added or modified, and get notified when the clients demographics are updated.
  • Demographics – Client demographics are automatically populated with the information the client provides. We understand that you may use FormDr alongside an EMR/EHR, so we have added client demographics to streamline future integrations.

Send + Receive

At our core, FormDr’s primary focus is to simplify your ability send + receive forms online. We have re-labeled your ‘Submissions’ tab to ‘Send + Receive.’ With this change, we have added ‘archive’ that will simplify your ability to send + receive with FormDr.

  • Archive Completed Forms – Having a long list of forms can be cumbersome, so we added the ability to ‘Archive.’ The archive button will remove the form from the ‘Send + Receive’ page, and store it only in the Record. You can still delete forms, by clicking on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Delete.’

We Are Shortening Our Name

Our name is shortening to FormDr, you will see some changes in our logos, emails, and domain to We are committed to simplifying your experience while providing the most value, and we now have a name to match.

About the author

Jake is the Product Development Manager at FormDr.