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Patient Intake Forms

Start collecting all the information you need with an online patient intake form.  Combine demographics, health history and HIPAA forms into a single online intake form.

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Collect signed HIPAA forms, authorizations, consents, and privacy practices. Send HIPAA forms online to your patients. Have patients sign HIPAA forms before the appointment.

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Speciality Practice Forms

Setup forms for your specific practice type, streamline your forms to fit your exact needs.

Chiropractic Forms

Start collecting chiropractic forms from patients before the appointment. Setup online chiropractic forms and customize them to fit the needs of your specific practice.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Forms

Turn your paper cosmetic dentistry forms into online forms. Streamline your forms by removing the paperwork. Collect more accurate data from dental patients.

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Counseling Forms

Easily have clients complete your counseling forms with their phone, tablet, or computer. Make it easy for clients to complete your forms online.

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Dental Forms

Start collecting demographic, dental history, and collect insurance information. Have patients upload their dental insurance directly to your form.

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Home Health Forms

Collect the information you need with online home health forms. Collect and store signatures, consent forms, authorizations, and more.

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Massage Therapy Forms

Stop waiting for your patients to fill out your massage therapy forms during the appointment. Send a text or email invitation for patients to complete your forms online.

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Optometry Forms

Give your optometry patients the freedom to complete your forms with any device, anywhere. Collect completed optometry forms before the appointment.

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Orthodontic Forms

Still having your patients complete paper orthodontic forms? Streamline your forms and go paperless, collect orthodontic patient history and demographic information online.

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Physical Therapy Forms

Have physical therapy patients complete forms before the appointment. Setup required fields so you never get an incomplete patient form again.

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Psychiatric Forms

Streamline your psychiatric forms by setting them up online. Have patients securely complete and sign HIPAA compliant psychiatric forms.

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