Online Forms

Easily send and receive your online forms. Send customers, clients, and patients your online forms to fill out on their phone, tablet, or computer. Anyone can securely sign and submit completed online forms directly to your account. Track the progress of forms, send automated reminders, and receive completed forms online.
Online Forms

All Online Forms Are Fully Customizable

Build your online form to ask exactly what you need. FormDr forms are customizable and give you the flexibility to collect a variety of types of information. You can collect text, numbers, images, files, preselected options, and much more! 

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FormDr works with any internet enabled device. No need to download a special app or ask customers to create an account. Simply share your form via text/sms, QR code, or email – or post it directly on your website to be filled out.

Customers, clients, and patients can use any browser, any operating system, and any device to send you form responses.

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What features are included with your Online Form?

01Background Information

Your online form will require customer, client, or patient information, which can include; name, phone number, address, email address, date of birth, and other identifiable information that is relevant to your business. 


Online forms can easily include questionnaires and surveys to help you assess your customers, clients, or patients. They can also collect other important information such as satisfaction, inventory, or medical history.

03Privacy Policies & Consent Forms

Online form packets can easily include privacy policies and consent authorization. Try one of our templates to get started – and customize to fit your needs. 

04Autocompleted Fields

Are you asking your customers, clients, or patients the same questions on multiple forms? Give them the ability to fill out their information once and have it populate throughout all of your forms. Automatically populate fields and paragraphs of text with information that has already been input.

05Conditional Logic

Easily create “if-then” logic on your online form. Only show information that is relevant to your customer with conditional logic. Make it simple for your clients or patients to complete your forms and improve the accuracy of the data you receive with conditional logic.

06Save And Continue Later

Allow customers, clients, and patients to save their progress on larger forms and packets. Anyone will be able to resume where they left off and finish completing your online forms at a later time.

07Signature and Date

Have your customers, clients, or patients e-sign and date an authorization or consent form. Completed forms will be submitted directly to your account online. Easily review form submissions in the secure portal online.

08Photo & Document Upload

Easily collect photo and document submissions directly on your online forms. Customers, clients, and patients can attach photos directly from their mobile device camera or select files from their computers.

-And Much More!

Don't Have Time? We Can Convert Your Paper Forms

FormDr offers webinars, trainings, templates, guides, videos, and other resources for you to learn how to build forms into your account. If you don’t have the time or prefer to let a professional build your forms, we can convert your existing paper forms into online forms for a nominal fee. Schedule a call to learn more!

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FormDr gives you everything you need to easily send and receive Secure GPDR compliant forms and documents. We help businesses and practices that:

  • Are having customers, clients, or patients fill out paper forms
  • Are emailing customers a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms