Save Your Way: Print & PDF Exports Page

The new and improved Print & PDF Exports Page now gives you even more control over how you export PDFs and printed intake forms. You can now customize what you’d like to format and update – select what you want or don’t want exported, all with some simple controls. 

The Choices are Yours!

Are your exports printing out on too many pages? Reduce the page margins or hide titles that aren’t needed. Want to make the printed version easier to read or fit your brand style? Check the orientation changes, font choices and colors. Export your PDF with password protection and maintain security and compliance after exporting from FormDr. 

  • Font Size/Colors
  • Custom Headers & Footers
  • PDF Name
  • Password Protection
  • Save Templates
  • Reduce Margins & Spacing
printpage PDF export

Give It A Try – Customize PDF Exports.

To access the new print page, simply log in and select the patient submission you’d like to print. Select ‘print’, and you’ll be directed to the new and improved Print & PDF Export page where you can make the export edits you’d like. Or check out the guide for more information.

Not yet a FormDr customer but interested in fully customizable online intake forms and PDF exports? Schedule a call with us today.

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