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Health Technology History FormDr

The Internet’s Impact on Health Technology: A Retrospective

While healthcare has been evolving for centuries, there has been no accelerator quite as fast...
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HIPAA Guidelines -Covered Entities Explained

Who Needs to Follow HIPAA Guidelines? Covered Entities Explained.

HIPAA has evolved to become much more than what it was at its beginnings in...
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HIPAA compliant

10 of the Most Common HIPAA Violations – and How to Avoid Them

HIPAA violations can be detrimental to your organization’s reputation, as well as costly. Learn which...
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Telehealth Benefit Expansion

Legislation’s Role in Permanently Improving Workers Telehealth Access.

Healthcare providers should be keeping their eyes on a new piece of bipartisan legislation seeking...
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Permanent Daylight Savings Time

Will Permanent Daylight Savings Time Affect Your Health?

A lot of us complained about the bi-yearly time change, but will the alternative truly...
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Vendor HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Ready for an Audit? Vendor Compliance Checklists are Crucial

Why is Vendor Compliance Important? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets high...
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Medical Release Forms FHIR Interoperability

The Federal Push Toward Interoperability is on FHIR

Healthcare organizations should be actively working on their interoperability, and federal officials are pushing FHIR...
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AI and healthcare

AI and Healthcare: ChatGPT’s Role in Improving Medical Practices

With AI getting more intelligent each year, as evidenced by the recent news about ChatGPT...
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Health Technology Gadgets

2023 CES Health Technology – The Best AND Most Secure

Fresh from the exciting 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, FormDr is excited...
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