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FormDr’s Streamlining Feature: Autocomplete

Have you ever had to do something twice? Have you ever had to do something...
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Welcome to Time Saving 101

At FormDr, we are fixated on saving time for our customers, our customers’ patients and...
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Telemedicine Shift for Doctors and Patients

The Telehealth Revolution is Here

It is no secret that telemedicine skyrocketed into our vernacular with wide-sweeping adoption over the...
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How to email patient forms and stay HIPAA compliant.

Are you emailing your registration forms to your patients? If you are, your chances of...
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Why Online Forms are better for your brand. defines branding as The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that...
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Free Online Forms for COVID-19 Direct Response

If you are using FormDr for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) direct response, let us know at
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Forms for Multi-Location Practices

No matter how many locations or providers you have, filter the right forms for the...
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Records – Your Online File Cabinet for Patient Forms

We understand searching through hundreds of patient forms is difficult. That’s why FormDr is proud...
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New Releases, Custom Messages, and more.

New Releases Update your Email and Text Messages to clients. FormDoctor now allows your to...
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