Free Online Forms for Coronavirus First Responders

Free Online Forms for COVID-19 Direct Response

If you are using FormDr for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) direct response, let us know at We will comp accounts for first responders, public health officials, and groups along the PPE supply chain for first responders during the duration of your effort. FormDr gives first responders everything needed to easily send and receive COVID-19 forms online. First responders can send potentially contagious patients COVID-19 forms to fill out on their phone, tablet, or computer. Patients securely sign and submit completed forms directly to your account. First responders receive completed forms online and reduce the exposure to COVID-19. With the growing concern...
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Forms for Multi-Location Practices

No matter how many locations or providers you have, filter the right forms for the right people. The more locations and providers you have, the more difficult it is to manage your patient forms. It requires a form solution that can be set up to reflect your organization’s structure and meet the needs of each location. With the FormDr Network, you can now filter your forms by location or provider. We set up the FormDr Network to streamline your organization’s forms. You can now share forms across multiple locations or providers, manage the permissions of your organization, and customize messaging...
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FormDr Launches Client & Patient Records

We understand searching through hundreds of client forms is difficult. That’s why FormDr is proud to announce Client & Patient Records, the new standard in form management. Client & Patient Records Records gives you the control to manage your clients’ forms. Completed forms automatically load into the client’s record. Add notes, files, images, and keep track of the history of your clients. Automatic Grouping – Each client will have an associated record. We automatically group your clients by the ‘Name’ field on your form + Email Address, Phone Number, or DOB. Quickly merge duplicate clients together with the ‘Merge’ button.Notes,...
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Patient Appointment Reminder

FormDoctor Releases Custom Messages and more.

New ReleasesUpdate your Email and Text Messages to clients. FormDoctor now allows your to customize your Email and Text Messages. Single Photo Upload: Need to collect ID Card information? Use single photo upload to capture one image. Customize your account: Whether you have patients or clients, customize your account to match your needs.Updates:Need Support: You can now request support through the new revisions section under support.Required Fields: Clients missing information? FormDoctor now tracks the total amount of missed fields so clients know exactly what is missing. If you have any questions or need help updating your account please feel free...
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Intake forms with required fields. Yes or no?

Let us start with a quick YES! Moving forward with a paperless intake system is a huge step in the right direction, but going online isn’t enough. We often take the first few steps towards improvement only to find ourselves asking more questions like: “What’s next?, Did I do this right? Will this work for my business?” With the growing number of online intake forms out there, you will often find your self with an obscene amount of information or even worse, no information at all. Adding the required field to your intake form will help reduce the stress of...
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FormDoctor FormBuilder

FormDoctor releases a new Drag and Drop Online Form Builder

With the amount of technology that we are all faced with, it is crucial to stay relevant and keep up with customer demands. After all, don’t we all have a fear of being left behind? Because of this, FormDoctor is proud to announce the release of the new Drag and Drop online Form Builder. The Drag and Drop Form Builder puts the power back in your hands. Although FormDoctor does provide online and phone support, we see the value in allowing clients to make changes at any time from anywhere. Using the Drag and Drop tool in FormDoctor is very...
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