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PCI DSS HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance vs. PCI DSS

With security, there are important laws to abide by and even more acronyms to know....
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what is FHIR online forms

What is FHIR? Your Introduction to a Healthcare Game-Changer

FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is a new standard for exchanging healthcare information that...
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Integration Update: Mindbody

With the FormDr + Mindbody integration, your patient form submission can now be saved directly...
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Guidance on RPM HIPAA Compliant Intake Forms

What You Need To Know: Latest Federal Guidance on Telehealth

As cases of COVID-19 increased around the world in 2020, the need for telehealth rose...
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time saving tips

Time Saving 101 – Using OOO Messages

At FormDr, we are fixated on saving time for our customers, our customers’ patients and...
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HIPAA History Compliance

HIPAA – 25 Years Later, What Has Changed?

Learn the facts of why, when, and how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...
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FormDr HIPAA Compliant Integration

Integration Update: Modernizing Medicine (ModMed)

With the FormDr + ModMed integration, your patient form submission can now be saved directly...
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accurate online intake forms

3 Improvements to Your Intake Process via the Internet 

Sure, it reads like a headline from 1999. However, paper forms that have been filled...
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Don’t Complicate: Simplify Your Forms with Conditional Logic

Ever notice your patients entering multiple “Not Applicable” entries or becoming frustrated with the length...
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