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Discover the benefits of sending + receiving forms online with FormDr

Custom Text and Email Invites

Send a custom text message (SMS) and email invitation to your clients to complete your forms. Give clients the option to fill out your forms from any device, anywhere.

Take Photos of Cards

Have your client take a picture of their insurance or ID card. Clients will automatically upload a photo of their information, so you can verify it before the appointment.

Track Client Progress

Track your clients progress as they fill out your forms. See which clients still owe you information. Send push reminders to clients to ensure that you always get completed forms before the appointment.

Conditional Logic Fields

Only show information that is relevant to the client with ‘Conditional Logic Fields’. Make it simple for your clients to complete your forms and Improve the accuracy of the data you receive with conditional logic.

Require Fields

Always get the information you need with required fields. Clients can only submit when they complete all of the required fields. Never receive an incomplete form again.

Autofill Paragraphs and Fields

Have your clients enter information once and have it autofill through out your form. Automatically populate data into fields and paragraphs of text.

Send Automated Reminders

Schedule automatic reminders to your clients to complete your forms before their appointment. Get more completed forms online before the scheduled appointment.

Digital Signatures

Have clients digitally sign their name online. Collect client signatures online before the appointment.

Add Your Team

Invite unlimited assistant users to your account. Empower your staff by giving access to exactly what they need.

Archive to Records

Take notes on clients and upload files to their record. Track client history and automatically update demographic information. Store and simplify client forms with FormDr records.

FormDr online forms are used by over 1,200 practices

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FormDr gives your business everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA-compliant forms online. We help businesses who:

  • Are having clients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms
  • Are having clients fill out a PDF/Word Doc and send it back

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