Save and Continue Later

Patients save their progress of incomplete HIPAA compliant form submissions.
Save Progress of HIPAA Compliant Forms
Save Progress of HIPAA Compliant Forms

Patients Save Progress and Continue Later

Allow patients to save their progress on larger forms and packets. Patients will be able to resume where they left off and finish completing your forms at a later time. Once the patient’s progress is saved, they will receive a personalized link with a password protected code to complete their submission when it’s most convenient for them.

Patients Receive Links Via Email

As soon as your patients save their progress, they will be emailed a unique link that returns them to their incomplete submission. Each link will be password protected by a code of the patient’s choosing.

Give your patients the ability to save their progress on larger forms and packets to resume at a time that works best for them.

Save Progress of HIPAA Compliant Forms

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Save Progress of HIPAA Compliant Forms

View and Resend Incomplete Patient Submissions

Track your patient’s progress as they complete your forms. You have visibility into when a patient opens your forms, saves their progress, and you can even view the incomplete submission data inside your account.

Plus, you can setup automated reminders that prompt patients to complete your forms before their appointment.

Save on One Device and Resume on Another

Patients have the ability to complete your forms with any device, anywhere, at any time. Your patients can start your forms on their phone and complete on their computer. Anywhere the patient may access their email and a web browser, they can securely submit forms to your account. No apps are required to complete your forms online. 

Save Progress of HIPAA Compliant Forms

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FormDr gives your practice everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant forms online. We help practices who:

  • Are having patients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are emailing patients a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms

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Setup HIPAA compliant online forms. Streamline your process of collecting information from patients.
White Labeled HIPAA Compliant Forms

White Labeled Accounts

Have your account match your company branding with FormDr White Labeled Enterprise. Create a customized, branded look without having to build your own HIPAA compliant online form software.

Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions

Print HIPAA Compliant Form Submissions

Print your patients’ submissions after the forms have been completed online. Adjust the formatting and text size to match your original paper forms.

Centralized Administrative Management

Centralized Administrative Management

Create administrative accounts by department, location, or clinic. Filter and segment your organization by setting up additional administrative users.

User Management

User Management

Invite your team to your account and grant permissions to the exact features each user needs. Lock down assistant user accounts and give them read-only access, or give them full administrative controls.