User Management

Grant account access to your team, control the permissions of each user.
HIPAA Compliant Form User Managment
HIPAA Compliant Form User Managment

Add Assistant Users To Your Account

Invite your team to your account and grant permissions to the exact features each user needs. Users have access to new submissions notifications, manage forms, and export patient data. Lock down assistant user accounts and give them read-only access, or give them full administrative controls.

View User Account Access and History

Sort your account history by user and keep track of when forms are updated. See when a user views or modifies a patient submission. Plus, keep up to date on new logins, account updates, and more. Each account will have a full audit trail to keep track of the user’s actions while accessing your account.

HIPAA Compliant Form User Managment

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HIPAA Compliant Form User Managment

Customize User Permissions

Not all team members may need access to all features on your account. Configure who has the ability to edit your forms, view or modify patient submissions, send forms to patients, and more. Gives users access to have full administrative privileges over your account or restrict their access to view only.

Easily Revoke Access

Turn over at the office? No problem. Revoke access to your users with just a couple of clicks. Change your user’s password from your administrative account and easily adjust their permissions. User management is flawless when updating your account with FormDr.

HIPAA Compliant Form User Managment

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FormDr gives your practice everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant forms online. We help practices who:

  • Are having patients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are emailing patients a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms

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Setup HIPAA compliant online forms. Streamline your process of collecting information from patients.
HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures

Collect electronic patient signatures before the appointment. Easily give your patients the ability to digitally sign from their phone, tablet, or computer.

HIPAA Compliant Tablet Forms

Forms on iPads or Tablets

Give patients the option to sign and complete forms online with an iPad or tablet. Online forms work on all tablets and iPads.

HIPAA Compliant Submission Audit Logs

Submission Audit Logs

Form submissions have a detailed history that can always be referenced. Audit logs cannot be changed and the history from all users is tracked.

Form Analytics

Form Analytics

Analyze data, improve patient responses, learn from patient behavior and raise your conversion rate. FormDr is the only tool you require to understand the needs of your patients.