Looking for HIPAA-Compliant Digital Intake Forms Specific to Audiology? You Have Found Them!

audiology online forms

We Have Something You Need to Hear

Did you like our little attempt at audiology humor? While the pun may be terrible, we don’t joke around when it comes to bringing you the HIPAA-compliant electronic tools that you need. We understand that each individual practice is nuanced and detailed, which is why we have created audiology online forms and features to help save time for your staff and create the best possible patient experience.

Gather Information Before the Visit

Handing out clipboards of papers in the waiting room can be a thing of the past. Patients can easily and conveniently fill out intake forms ahead of time from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. With our Form Builder and already built audiology-specific intake template, you can be up and running in no time. Send your patients a link via SMS text or email, then receive notification when the forms are complete.

With electronic forms, office processes are smoother because:

  • Patients fill out complete information – no more skipping questions or missing the backs of pages
  • All information will be legible and easier to read
  • You have a complete health history to review before the appointment

FormDr helps audiology practices:

Reduce No-Shows and Cancellations

With FormDr, you can send automated appointment reminders via email and text, at intervals set by you. This proactive step eliminates the need for office staff to make reminder calls and allows you to reschedule those that don’t confirm or need to cancel. Your office will appreciate the newfound efficiency, and the bottom line will thank you, too.

FormDr Fits You

Whether you operate out of a single location or a large network, FormDr just fits. No matter how many locations or providers you are managing, your audiology online forms can be organized to reflect the structure you need.

Audiology accounts can be set up to:

  • Filter by location or provider
  • Have a single sign-on user admin
  • Restrict Permissions to key personnel
  • Share records between locations and providers
  • Customize your messaging

To find out more about how FormDr can bring an end to the paper shuffle and a boost in efficiency to your practice, contact us here,