4 Bonus Tools for Your Practice Management

4 bonus tools for your practice management

Spoiler alert: they’re already built in!

Most normal business operations – hiring, training, quality checks, employee education, surveys, incident reports, etc. are still on paper forms, creating a cloud of paper floating around the office. This means files, secure storage, people to manage it all, and sometimes difficulty locating what you need. You can easily customize those forms with form builder and move them to electronic files – saving time, space, and frustration.

1) Human Resources

From the date of hire onward, employee files are stuffed with a number of mandatory forms. No one knows this better than your human resources personnel. With FormDr, you can now easily embed your application on your website, making recruitment even easier. From the initial application, consents, and training activities, FormDr can make it all seamless and in one place. You can even have your customized packet of new hire forms waiting in the new employee’s email, ready to go as soon as onboarding begins!

These automated processes prevent file omissions, save time and money, and impress new employees from the beginning. In this age of remote employees, it is entirely possible that your medical office may hire a coder, transcriptionist, or other off-site worker. Send the needed forms quickly and easily – no matter where in the country your employee is located.

2) Team Evaluations

Everyone looks forward to annual performance evaluations, right? Make it a better experience for everyone by customizing your evaluation forms. Whether it is a document the manager completes, peers, or a self-evaluation, it can quickly be completed from any device and sent to the correct recipient for review. Employees can even save their progress and complete the evaluation at a later time.

Constructive feedback is good, but sometimes it is hard to get when an employee is in the room. Send post-evaluations and surveys for team events, orientation, or any type of office event. Employees can fill them out when they have time, in privacy. Seeking feedback for continuous improvement is a best practice for any business, helping to create a great company culture where employees are heard and appreciated.

3) Procedure Checklists

Certain daily, weekly, or monthly procedures must be completed for regulatory and quality reasons. Maintaining these records and forms over time can be a pain, and you may find yourself scrambling to locate what you need when a surveyor is in the building. Easily keep track of cleaning, inventory, expiration dates, equipment checks, and more with customized forms. These forms can go straight where they need to go, and make use of FormDr features like drop-down lists, and required form fields to make sure that they are complete and correct. No more trying to decipher a signature or set of initials, each form will be clearly completed and signed by the responsible person and retained electronically for as long as needed.

4) Staff Education Activities

We all know and love those mandatory education programs. HIPAA, PPE, infection control, and many more that are a critical part of a practice. These programs can be easily loaded into FormDr and added to electronic employee files when complete. Maintain competencies and be ready for any regulatory or legal matter that may come along, while being assured that your staff are trained well and equipped with the right information.

New piece of equipment? New process or policy? That needs to be communicated to all staff in a timely manner, and they need to acknowledge the new information. FormDr works great for this type of on-the-fly education as well. Remember back when the COVID-19 rules were changing twice a week at least? You can be assured that your employees have the latest safety information with a signed acknowledgement and quick knowledge check.

We hope these tips and tricks help you save even more time for your day today office duties. Find out more about how you can make the most of your account by contacting us here.