Streamline Your Brand Identity: Maximize Consistency with FormDr

Brand Customization with FormDr

Are you working hard to create a seamless brand image across your business? FormDr can help.

Brand customization plays a crucial role in meeting specific customer (patient) expectations that come with a highly recognizable brand. Just like at your favorite chain restaurant, where you anticipate the same quality of your preferred entree regardless of the location, brand customization ensures visual consistency in electronic communication, establishing a seamless sense of patient care and service consistency.

Brand Customization is Important

Developing a recognizable brand is important for medical offices to establish reliability, an image of continuous quality, and recognition of the logo or brand. Brand consistency is the practice of delivering messages aligned with the core brand values, identity, and strategy over time. It means using the same tone, logo, colors, and other visual elements across all marketing channels and touch points – including all electronic forms and patient communications.

Some of the benefits of online brand consistency are:

  • Increased brand recognition. Using consistent colors, logo, and other elements online makes it easier for patients to identify the brand and associate it with your services.
  • Building trust. When you deliver consistent brand messages and experiences online, you show your audience that you are reliable and professional. In this world of cyber-criminals, using your company branding on FormDr’s HIPAA-compliant electronic forms serves to boost patient confidence in data security.
  • Evoke positive emotions. When you use consistent branding elements online that match your brand personality and values, you can evoke positive emotions among your patients, such as happiness, confidence, or camaraderie. These emotions can influence responsiveness and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Differentiating from competitors. When you use consistent branding elements online that reflect your unique value proposition and positioning, you can stand out from your competitors and attract more attention and interest.
  • Increasing revenue. When you use consistent branding elements online that reinforce your brand promise and quality, you can increase your new customers and patient retention rates. According to a survey by Lucidpress, consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%.

A Seamless Experience

FormDr uses several customizable features to create a seamless brand experience for our clients. The first one is the ability to embed forms directly on your website, integrating them directly into the patient online experience.

Whether your website is built with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or any other platform, FormDr can generate a code snippet to your forms which you can copy and paste directly onto your website. The patient only sees your web URL and you are able to completely control the style of your forms. You can even create a custom “thank you” page that redirects patients to the next part of the website in the workflow after completing your forms. Now, the best part – your HIPAA-compliant forms will also be mobile-friendly and scale to the size of the phone, tablet, or computer your patient is using. No zooming or frustrating tiny print for your patients to deal with.

The next feature that truly adds to the patient’s brand experience is the brand customization of the forms themselves. This feature is all about making the forms your own by adding your logo, colors, font, text size, and language specific to your clinic. Your patients will have no doubt about where this form comes from, or what it is for – no matter if you email it, embed it into your website, or send a text link.

Does all this customization sound like a lot of work? No worries there – you can import the styling from previously styled forms with just a couple of clicks. Literally do the work one time, and then use that style for every form going forward.

To learn even more about how FormDr creates smooth experiences for all users – patients and clinic staff – check out the rest of our library of features, including interoperability options like open API and select EMR/EHR integrations.