Get Info in a Click: Custom QR Codes

Like a barcode used to purchase products, QR codes convey information. What that information is can be customized to your individual practices needs.

How QR Codes Work

QR codes were invented in the early 90’s as a way of tracking automobile parts during assembly, but more recently, they have seemed hit their peek of popularity over the past few years. What felt like overnight, you can spot a QR code on everything from magazines to cereal boxes. A QR code is a medium for storing information, although it is a relatively small piece of information – less than 3 KB. This information is in the form of letters and numbers, often as a link to another storage medium – like a website.

Create Custom QR Codes for Digital Forms

Using a QR code is an option for patients to quickly access the forms they need. Each packet of forms has a unique QR code that sends patients directly to the secure online forms they need. After the forms are completed, they are submitted directly back to your practice. No more portal logins, no back-and-forth emails. In the case a patient didn’t get a chance to fill out intake forms before an appointment, this is an easy and convenient way to quickly collect information, digitally.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Most people are familiar with the idea of scanning a barcode, and this process works the same way, but through the phone’s camera function. iPhones and newer Androids have built-in QR code readers right in their device. QR codes are simple and fast to scan because they can be scanned both horizontally and vertically. Forms are always formatted to be mobile-friendly and can also be completed on a tablet computer that scans QR codes. Just open camera, point it at the QR code and up comes a link to easily follow.

Many practices choose to print and display their most common or required form(s)QR Codes to display in the practices’ lobby, front door, or in a printed ad or brochure.

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