A Feature to Check Out: Introducing the Template Library

Wondering if FormDr already has a form template built that fits your needs? Find it easily by heading straight over to the Template Library.

What can I find in the form Template Library?

The quick answer would be – so.many.templates. Longer answer? The form template library is conveniently divided into categories so that you can easily filter through to find the ones you are interested in for your specific scenario in your medical office. Simply use the “search” function or use the sidebar to click on the Forms category you need.

Find multiple forms under these categories:

  • Authorization forms
  • Consent forms
  • HIPAA forms
  • Intake forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Release Forms
  • Screening Forms
  • Single Forms/Notices
  • Telehealth Forms

Search by Form Type or Industry

Do you want to see only admissions forms? Or only forms that relate to a psychiatric practice? We got you. We know your time is valuable and you don’t have time to sift through all of our extremely useful forms. Simply filter by “type” or “industry”, then select the sub-category that fits your needs.

Each form can also be located via multiple search terms. For example, if you are looking for an ADA compliant COVID-19 form? You can search under “Screening forms”,  “Covid”, or “ADA” and it will bring you to the right forms.

Needing only forms that pertain to a dental office? Simply click on “Industry”, then “Dentist” and find what practices just like yours are using to optimize their dental office processes.

Preview Function

Think you found what you need, but not sure if you want to add it to your Forms packet yet? Use the convenient “preview template” option shown on each template to quickly review the form without adding it to anything. If it meets your needs, then go ahead from the preview screen and select “use template”.

Templates are only the beginning

Found a template that is almost right? Did you know it is super easy to customize? You can easily change elements by using Form Builder. Add required form fields, electronic signatures, and even customize with your brand logo and colors.

Check out all of our features here, and find out even more by contacting our team. We look forward to showing you how you can drive efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and eliminate the paper and headaches from your practice.