Integration Update: Google Drive for FormDr

google drive integration

With the FormDr Google Drive integration, your patient form submission can now be saved directly to your Google Drive folder. Google Drive integration seamlessly converts each form submission into a PDF document, then automatically uploads each PDF and any additional file attachments to your Google Drive Account.

  • Bulk Export All Submissions as PDF Files – Export your entire list of patient submissions with one simple integration to Google Drive.
  • Export PDF Revisions and Copies of Your Submissions – Need to make a change or update a patient submission? No problem, your Google Drive will keep both the original PDF submission and make a copy for the updated patient form.
  • Setup Custom Folders and PDF File Names – Configure your Google Drive integration to generate folders based on your practice’s specific needs.

Let FormDr handle the data entry while you get back to helping patients. Ready to get started? Have questions on account set up? Schedule a call today and we will get you quickly connected so that you can easily send, receive, and integrate forms in no time.

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Practices need to have a BAA with Google to ensure they are HIPAA compliant