Insurance Selfies: FormDr’s Card Upload Feature

insurance card upload feature

Have you ever taken an incredible photo and immediately wanted to share it? You simply snap the photo, text or email it out, sit back, and then wait for a response. The entire process is finished in a matter of seconds.

We captured this idea with the addition of our card photo upload feature.

With the card photo upload feature, FormDr gives access to your patient’s camera on their devices so they can simply snap a photo of Insurance, ID cards, and more. These photos are uploaded to your forms automatically, in full-color, and then submitted securely back to your practice in a HIPAA compliant manner. You can also setup a file upload page where patients or referring physicians can upload medical records, x-rays, and other important documents.

X No more in-office scanning of those cards. 

X No more passing back and forth of cards between your admins and your patients when they arrive for their appointments. 

X No more wasted time while awaiting insurance confirmation, or like in the past, when your patients were filling out insurance paperwork in the lobby. 

✓All data collection and verification is made ahead of your patients’ appointment.

Want a demo on how card uploads expedite the form completion process for your patients? Sign up for a free 15-minute session today.