Subscription Usage Charge Changes in 2024

As we gear up for the new year, we want to inform you about upcoming changes to our subscription usage charges, effective January 1, 2024. These adjustments are designed to enhance your experience with FormDr and ensure fair usage across all plans.

Changes to Overage Limits and Charges:

Here is a summary of the changes:

Current Overage Charges:

  • $1/Month for 100 Extra Submission Storage (Starter Only)
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra Submissions
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra Signers
  • $1/Month for 1 GB Extra Space
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra Form Views
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra SMS Invites
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra Email Invites
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra PDF Exports
  • $1/Month for 100 Extra CSV Exports

New Overage Charges (Effective Jan 1, 2024):

  • $1/Month for 10 Extra Submission Storage (Starter Only)
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra Submissions
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra Signers
  • $1/Month for 100 MB Extra Space
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra Form Views
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra SMS Invites
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra Email Invites
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra PDF Exports
  • $1/Month for 10 Extra CSV Exports

Checking Your Current Usage:

To review your current usage and understand how these changes might affect your account, visit My Account > Usage. You can also view your current subscription and usage amounts by navigating to “My Account > Billing.

Need Assistance or Considering an Upgrade?

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in exploring different plans that better suit your needs, feel free to reach out to our support team at

We’re committed to providing a seamless and efficient platform for your practice. These changes aim to improve your overall experience, and we appreciate your understanding.