FormDr Helps Practice Focus on Improving Patient Intake Process

FormDr Helps Practice Focus on Improving Patient Intake Process

In spite of the many challenges and setbacks healthcare has experienced during the pandemic, there are some bright spots as well.  Keshav Bhat, OD highlighted how his practice overcame these impediments during the pandemic. 

Less Paper

In the February 2021 issue of Optometric Business Review, Dr. Keshav Bhat revealed some of the ways new technology is helping to build and improve his optometry practice. Like most medical practices, of any type, Dr. Bhat talks about how “paperwork has been a thorn in our side for years.” Most practice owners could agree with this statement!  With new regulations added seemingly every year, the amount of paperwork required from each patient grows.

Dr. Bhat’s clinic was no different than others. Patient forms had to be filled out for each visit, then were scanned into the EMR – and then went straight into the paper shredder.  When the pandemic began, one change Dr. Bhat’s practice made was to mandate that all necessary forms be moved online to where those could be completed on the clinic website prior to the visit, making most fields required to ensure accuracy. This minimized any risk of viral transmissions by touching of papers and pens, helping to maintain a clean and safe environment.  It also resulted in fully completed, accurate records.

Dr. Bhat used FormDr. to embed online medical form templates on the office website and enjoyed the smooth transition.  He has been pleased with the ease of use, more sanitary work environment, and environmental impact of forgoing all those wasted, unnecessary paper printouts!

In addition to these up-front benefits, Dr. Bhat’s practice was able to streamline their patient check-in process and eliminate waiting times in the clinic for his patients.  By using the HIPAA-compliant online forms on the website, patients are ready to be seen or can simply wait in their vehicle to receive a text when Dr. Bhat is ready to see them. 

Time Savings in the Clinic

Workflow changes in the clinic also led to an opportunity to increase wellness screening appointments.  More patients took advantage of these screenings that make it easier and faster to spot dangers to eye health and vision.  The wellness screening netted additional revenue and more targeted care for patients.  Dr. Bhat also noticed that patients were more engaged in conversation during their appointments – likely attributable to the lack of human interaction experienced during COVID-19 lockdowns and growing concern in maintaining their overall health.  This gave Dr. Bhat the opportunity to discuss preventative healthcare, nutrition, and other topics.

What will you do with the extra time saved from eliminating paperwork?