Integration Update: Introducing Stripe and Square

Payment Processing Stripe Square

FormDr is excited to announce our newest payment processing integration, allowing you to connect your practices existing Stripe or Square account directly to FormDr. Patients can then pay copays, subscriptions and make payments from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Increase Collections and Improve Cash Flow

In a post-pandemic world, many healthcare providers are struggling to improve narrow profit margins. Once a patient visit is over, it can sometimes be time consuming to collect copays and other payments for services rendered. The Square and Stripe widget can be added to patient intake packets, sent along with automated electronic messages, and customized in a number of ways to suit the practice’s workflow.

With more predictable cash flow and operating cash on hand, clinics can finally think about those expansion plans or new equipment that is needed.

Data at Your Fingertips

Both Stripe and Square offer reporting capabilities. Practices can take advantage of the ease in which payments can be reconciled by running customizable reports in multiple formats – saving office time and tedious work.

Use your data to make smart business decisions and to find the most effective billing and collection strategies for your patient population.

Remain Compliant

Our suite of already HIPAA-compliant products is well-known throughout the industry. Our newest addition, credit card processing, means that you can be confident that valued patient financial and medical data is safe and secure.

Cyberthreats are a scary (and costly) reality in today’s world. PCI DSS compliance assures users that the technology is up-to-date and ready to combat these threats. Financial information as well as healthcare information is at risk in the healthcare industry. Square offers HIPAA and PCI compliance and Stripe is PCI DSS compliant.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Ease of use and time savings are important these days. In a world where healthcare is rapidly changing, patients are more used to electronic solutions like telehealth, remote monitoring, and online portals. Electronic payment processing is part of that expectation, as an easy way to manage money on the go.

Receipts are automatically sent to the patient’s contact email or phone number. Automating electronic payments and receipt processes creates an ideal user experience, while allowing office staff more time to handle other details.

Learn more about payment processing integrations and how they can help your practice, contact us here for a free consultation.

To learn how to set up an integration with an existing account, check out the guide here.