Time Saving 101 – The Before Meeting Follow Up.

At FormDr, we are fixated on saving time for our customers, our customers’ patients and even for ourselves. Afterall, our digital intake forms and form builder were created to make offices run smoothly and more efficiently. Beyond appointment reminders and automatically completing HIPAA compliant forms, we’ve compiled our favorite simple time management tips + how to’s to share each month.

What is time management?

Time management is the process in which you organize your tasks and schedule – often to achieve a goal of maximum productivity and efficiency. Saving time is crucial to running a smooth office, positive experience for clients and customers, as well as a happy workday.

Time Saving Tip of the Month – Pre-meeting Check In.

Does the bulk of your day revolve around meetings, both with patients and internally? With colleagues and vendors, use that time as efficiently as possible by checking in with the meeting attendees, beforehand. Pre-meeting, cover off on what needs to be discussed, ensure the important participants will be there and/or informally talk through what decisions need to be made. Making sure the correct people will still be able to attend cuts down on the possibility of double meetings + you may find a formal in person/virtual conversation isn’t necessary any more.