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The integration of health data among disparate systems is essential for the healthcare ecosystem. The sharing of information not only improves provider and patient satisfaction – it prevents medical errors. FormDr is working to achieve interoperability through adding new features with various levels of integration. We are taking a streamlined approach to collecting, protecting, and sharing healthcare data.
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Open API

The next step toward interoperability is FormDr’s Open API. Unlike a webhook, Open API is a two-way interface, sharing data between FormDr and other applications. This type of interoperability within a practice prevents duplicate work, streamlines work processes, and reduces opportunity for errors.

Developers can direct information from one point to another with unlimited customizations. View developer resources here

Webhook Integrations

Webhook is a basic way to get started with interoperability. This allows you to add even more customization to your FormDr setup by grabbing that information and saving it somewhere else – like the your EMR or EHR. Webhooks work by extracting information out of FormDr and sending it to a fixed location. Information cannot be sent to FormDr.

If you need the ability for two-way integration, then take a look at the next step of interoperability – Open API, or view our developer resource page here

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HIPAA Compliant Integrations

EMR & EHR Integrations

FormDr is constantly working with vendors to increase our interoperability. We currently offer EHR integrations with: athenahealth, EPIC, Mindbody, and ModMed. Seamlessly share information with your EMR by authenticating your account via the Integrations tab.

Athena, Mindbody, and ModMed automatically add new patients and update old ones from FormDr submissions. Additionally, PDFs, insurance cards, and ID cards can upload to these EHRs directly, without scanning them. Consent forms of all types generated in FormDr can also be added to these three EHRs.

EPIC integrations allows for sharing demographic information back and forth, and updating new and old patient information. This eliminates redundancy and reduces transcription errors, keeping data clean.

Partner Integrations

With the FormDr partner integrations, there are even more ways to connect your account to the other systems you and your practice use. Integrations include: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar and SFTP automated bulk export. Payment processing integrations include Stripe and Square. 

Simply authenticate your existing account in the FromDr account page to connect appointments directly into Google Calendar, sync submissions and attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox or generate a bulk export of patient submissions to a CSV Excel file. 


Sync HIPAA Compliant Form Submissions to Google Drive
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FormDr gives your practice everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant online forms. We help practices who:

  • Are having patients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are emailing patients a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms

Discover More Form Features

Setup HIPAA compliant online forms. Streamline your process of collecting information from patients.
HIPAA Compliant Form Submissions

HIPAA Compliant Form Submissions

Patients sign and submit forms securely to your online account. Review and manage completed patient forms before the appointment.

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Signatures

Collect electronic patient signatures before the appointment. Easily give your patients the ability to digitally sign from their phone, tablet, or computer.

Drawing and Diagrams

Drawing and Diagrams

Allow your patients to draw on an image or diagram in your form to mark areas of pain or parts of the body that may need treatment.

Embed Forms on Website

Embed Forms on Website

Embed your forms directly on your website for a seamless experience for your patients. Your forms are customized with your logo, brand, and styling to match your site. Embed on Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and many more.