Print Form Submissions

Quickly print completed HIPAA compliant online form submissions
Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions
Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions

Print Your Patients' Completed Forms

Print your patients’ submissions after the forms have been completed online. You can adjust the formatting and text size to match your paper forms. If they wish, you can also print a blank paper copy of your online forms to hand your patients to complete. Simply print a completed form with just a couple of clicks. 

Adjust the Size of Text, Page Count, and More

Does your form have a large amount of text? Minimize the font and adjust the scale of that text to reduce the form’s size—allowing it to print on fewer pages. Trim your forms down by hiding empty fields, titles, and reducing the spacing throughout. These adjustments will simplify your form, making it easier for your patients to complete.

Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions

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Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions

Generate a PDF File From Each Patient Submission

Quickly generate a PDF to export patient submissions from your account. Customize your PDF to generate the exact file that you need. Export a single page from your forms as a PDF, or export an entire packet of forms as a single PDF file. No more scanning paper forms to create a PDF file. Now, you can create the file you need in a single click.

Hide Forms and Fields From Your Patient's Submission

Don’t need to print out all of the forms a patient has submitted? No problem, hide the forms you do not need printed. Plus, hide fields that are empty and reduce the number of pages that are printed. Create an accurate paper trail of patient submissions by printing out exactly what you need.

Print HIPAA Compliant Submissions

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FormDr gives your practice everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant forms online. We help practices who:

  • Are having patients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are emailing patients a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms

Discover More Form Features

Setup HIPAA compliant online forms. Streamline your process of collecting information from patients.
HIPAA Compliant File Upload

File Attachment Upload

With file upload fields, your patients can upload their prescriptions, x-rays, medical records, insurance card photos and more with their form submission.

HIPAA Compliant Online Intake Form Packets

Intake Form Packets

Combine multiple pages into an online form packet. Have your patients fill out their medical history, consent to treat, and demographics all in one new patient intake form packet.

Text Message Form Invites

Text Message Invitations

Send a text message invitation to your patients to complete your forms. Give patients the freedom to sign and complete forms with any device, anywhere.

White Labeled HIPAA Compliant Forms

White Labeled Accounts

Have your account match your company branding with FormDr White Labeled Enterprise. Create a customized, branded look without having to build your own HIPAA compliant online form software.