Synced Forms: Your EHR’s New BFF

formdr synced forms

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, there just isn’t time redundant paperwork. Enter FormDr’s Synced Form feature, a secret weapon for streamlining data.

Picture this: custom forms, electronic magic, and data in harmony.

Synced Form Feature: Dynamic Data

FormDr Synced Form feature breakdown:

Custom Forms: FormDr’s Synced Form feature allows you to create custom forms tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that the questions align with your practice’s needs and the data you need to collect.

A synced form is a self-contained form that can be sent individually or included in multiple packets. It offers all the same features as a packet, but is designed to be used as a standalone form.

Automated Data Entry: When patients complete these forms electronically, their data can be automatically synced with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and practice management software via one of the system integrations. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Precision and Efficiency: The automatic data synchronization ensures the accuracy and up-to-date nature of the patient information collected, saving time and resources for your practice.

Benefits that Standout

  1. Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients appreciate the convenience of completing forms before their appointments. This reduces their time in the waiting room and contributes to an overall positive experience.
  2. Data Security: FormDr prioritizes data security and HIPAA compliance, ensuring that patient information is protected.
  3. Integration Flexibility: FormDr’s Synced Form feature seamlessly integrates with leading EHR systems such as Epic, MindBody, ModMed, as well as an open API, providing a smooth and efficient workflow.
  4. Cost Savings: By eliminating manual data entry and reducing paper usage, FormDr’s Synced Form feature leads to cost savings for your practice.
  5. Enhanced Efficiency: When a synced form is imported into a packet, any updates made to the original form will automatically sync across all packets it’s been included in. This simplifies the editing process and helps to streamline workflow.

How Can it Best Be Used?

Imagine a scenario where you set up a form once, but it can be used individually or included in a packet of forms bundled together. You make a change one place, it shows up everywhere that synced form is. Less work for you and your staff, and fewer future changes required to get maximum efficiency with the intake process.

As soon as the patient submits the form, the data can be synced with your practice management system. Or simply available to view right in your easy to use FormDr account. By the time the patient arrives for their appointment, you have all their information readily available, leading to a smoother and more personalized patient experience.

Your Data Sidekick – Synced Form Feature

This isn’t just a data collection tool; it’s your sidekick in the quest for streamlined patient care. It’s time to embrace the future, boost your practice’s efficiency, and focus on what truly matters – giving your patients the best care.